Our Background

Great Hikes Japan tours are organized and led by
Yamnuska Mountain Tours


Yamnuska Mountain Tours, based in the town of Canmore at the gates of Banff National Park, has been a leading hiking tour company in the Canadian Rockies for the last 25 years, initially as a division of top guide company Yamnuska Mountain Adventures then as an independent sister company. We continue to share the Yamnuska brand as we too embody the Yamnuska commitment to safety and excellence in leading and organizing quality mountain experiences.

Our specialty for the last twenty years has been in organizing and leading hiking tours in North America for Japanese groups. Our guiding staff are certified hiking guides, originally from Japan, who have refined their skills here in the Canadian Rockies.

Now we would like to offer North Americans the chance to travel back with us to the ageless mountains of Japan where we discovered our love of adventure and mountains.

Our Guides

Our English-speaking Japanese guides are certified by the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides (ACMG) or other member associations of the International Federation of Mountain Guide Associations (IFMGA), of which the ACMG is a member. They operate within the certification and terrain guidelines of the ACMG. They are also certified in Wilderness First Aid. They possess a wide range of excellent skills, including a deep knowledge of Japan and wilderness  safety.


Why the Shinetsu Trail?

There are many tour companies in Japan, providing the same products that have been available for decades. Because we have been leading the mountain guiding industry in Canada for over 30 years, we decided to introduce the Japanese mountain experience to North America, having introduced many Japanese to the North American mountain experience. The reason why we chose the Shinetsu Trail, designed after the model of the Appalachian Trail of the USA, is because it gives you the perfect opportunity to discover the fascinating culture of Japan via one of the oldest trails in the country as the trail runs through Satoyama region. The Satoyama ethos and regions have been rediscovered for its importance of sustainable eco-friendly living combined with local knowledge and history. By the conclusion of the trip, you will have experienced Japanese mountain culture at its best.